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A Textbook of Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry

A Textbook of Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry


This book serves as an invaluable source designed to fulfill the long term requirement of Pharm.D students for a standard book on PHARMACEUTICAL INORGANIC CHEMISTRY. It presents the subject in a lucid and comprehensive style rendering it ideal for students as a self-learning material. It contains extensive information pertaining to different analytical procedures and detailed study of various inorganic compounds that are of pharmaceutical and medicinal importance. It has been well written in plain English and also complemented with neatly presented flow-charts tables and reactions in order to make it more enticing and appealing to our readers.
This book is presented with an aim to enable the students to easily grasp unfamiliar, unacquainted and seemingly complicated concepts of Pharmaceutical Inorganic Chemistry so that it helps them to deal with their confusion especially during the examinations and at the same time helps to kindle their interest in the subject.